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All about me!


Morgan Herring

I'm a seamstress based in Portland, OR. I've been sewing mostly costumes since I was a kid, but I also make more mainstream garments, curtains, bags, and all sorts of other sewn items as well. Sewing is my first love but I also love making props! I've built stuff from PVC, Worbla, foam, wood, old toys, found items, all sorts of stuff! Basically I love making fabulous clothes and accessories!

I appreciate high fashion, but I also understand 501st standards. I love futuristic spacesuits just as much as I love vintage dresses. I love the challenge of reproducing a costume and the research that goes into getting every element correct, but I also love to dream up new designs and make them a reality. Also, I don't mind replacing a zipper or hemming a skirt :)

Superhero, princess, daring space explorer, red carpet glam, trust me with your costume vision! Or your perfect kitchen curtains! I'm excited to work on new projects and bring your dreams to life!