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New blog! Future plans! The fuzzygoth cloak!

Hi friends! I'm going to start a blog! I plan to make this about my projects, work in progress posts, finished products, where I'm going, how-tos... whatever else I feel like talking about! And if you have suggestions, please contact me! 

first thing's first, here's a super awesome cloak I made recently! It's sooooooo fuzzy! It's like wearing a blanket! But still goth AF so you can proudly wear it out in public.  


It's made of a super plush fleece that is fuzzy on both sides, it has a frog closure at the neck and snaps at the sleeves, and that stylish point at the back which totally makes me feel like Lydia from the animated Beetlejuice! 

its in my Etsy store now, just in time for summer! 😂 I hope you love it as much as I do!  

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