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Costume Info


Costume Info

I love making costumes! Let me build one for you!


Sewing is one of my very favorite things in the world, and I'm so lucky that I get to do it every day! When you commission a costume from me you'll be assured you're getting a top-quality garment, made with love and enthusiasm, by a lifelong nerd, con-goer, and cosplayer.

I've been making my own clothes since middle school. At age 20 (which was an insanely long time ago) I attended my first convention - DragonCon (back when it was still small) - and was so enamoured by the costumes that I hit the 24-hour Wal-Mart on my way home the first night, bought fabric and random supplies, and made myself a Princess Leia costume before going back to the con the next day! I was hooked :) I have been making costumes for myself and others ever since! And I still make the occasional pieces of formalwear and casualwear, too. Costumes are great but sometimes you need comfy unicorn print pajama bottoms!

I don't believe in "costume quality". All of my pieces are true garment-quality pieces, built to wear over and over again. You can wear them to your photoshoots in the woods, all day long on the con floor, to your themed camping events, in summer parades, wear them to work (true story!), dance all night at a con room party, be the best dressed person at the bar on Halloween, and then take the costume home, wash it, and look fabulous at the next event! My costume pieces are durable, washable (usually), well-constructed garments that you'll be proud to wear again and again. Just like real clothes :) In addition to quality construction, they'll also be well-researched works of art built to your specs and standards. 

If you're interested in one of my costumes, or maybe a party dress or a bag or even some not-boring business casuals, contact me. We'll talk about your ideas and timelines and I'll give you a quote. My schedule is usually pretty full, and building a costume takes time, so I typically need at least 6 weeks notice before your event date. The more advance notice the better. But there are exceptions to every rule, and if you're in a time crunch contact me anyway and I'll see if I have any openings in my schedule.

I love sewing, and costumes, and attending conventions, and Star Wars! And I want to make your next costume :)

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