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Commission Info Form


Commission Information Form

Thank you for your interest in a custom commission! Please complete the following form, giving as complete and thorough answers as possible. The more information I have, the better your item will be :) 

For measurement instructions, see:

These instructions are male-specific, but the instructions are basically the same for women. In general, measure the fullest point of the chest and hips, measure your natural waist, and follow the instructions for sleeves, shoulders, and inseam. I might request additional measurements depending on the types of garments I'm making.

By submitting this form you grant me permission to post periodic progress pics and final photos of your project to my social media. 

If you have any questions about this form or need to contact me for any reason, email me at


Please complete the form below

Name *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
(character name, garment type, etc)
Include as much information as possible about your commission. Character names, character source, links to costume standard requirements, links to photos, descriptions of garments, color/fabric preferences, etc. The more info, the better! Example: Han Solo, Empire Strikes Back, brown pants, navy jacket, shirt. Links to Rebel Legion standards, particularly good build threads, photo galleries.
Required Completion Date
Required Completion Date
If you need this for a convention or event, specify the event date. Otherwise, leave blank.
Please see the links at the top of the page for measurement Instructions. Feel free to skip the measurements that are not applicable to your garments or your body (for example, I don't need your shoulders if you're only getting pants)
(Numeric size is preferred, letter sizes are ok. Note if you're using men's or women's sizing)
Any additional comments or information you think I might need. Thanks!!